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Product Know-how

What is a 4 flute roughing end mill?

View: 61401/02/2019  

4 flute roughing end mill is one kind of the milling cutters in CNC machine tools.4 flute roughing end mill is designed for roughing operations with high stock removal.

Standard knuckle form chip breaker reduces forces on the cutting edge, as well as controlling the size of chips for improved chip evacuation.

What is a 4 flute roughing end mill?

Heavy cuts can be achieved because roughing end mills have a much higher effective feed per tooth than a conventional end mill.

4 flute roughing end mills remove more metal in less time than other types of end mill. 

4 flute roughing end mills have the cutting edges of chip crushers, and the "peak" on each cutting edge provides the cutting action to produce short fat slices, rather than long and thin chips produced by conventional rolling mills. The shape of corncob shifts on each groove to form a relatively smooth grinding surface.

The flute of 4 flute roughing end mills is used to remove debris.The size of flute will affect the fluency of debris removal.

4 flute roughing end mill is a very useful processing tool.

The smaller the number of teeth, the larger the chip flute, which is suitable for rough processing.

The 4 flute roughing end mills we designed and produced are very useful.

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