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Our Company Organizes Tours for Ours Employees

View: 57208/27/2019  


  More than half of a year has passed before we know it.

  In order to thank our employees for their hard work over the past six months, 

  our company has held a Beijing capital tour.

  Travel is how people love the word.

  it can make you interrupt everyday cycle of ordinary trivial, ordinary vulgar life.

  Join the collective travel that the company organizes this, talk about individual experience.

  Below is the company collective travel experience, hope to help you.

  About the company organization tourism learning activities.

  purpose is to let everyone in the daily busy outside of work experience.

  In order to have a relax the process and provide a good opportunity to exchange employees go out learning.

  Was important in the display group, on the basis of care to the worker.

If you have any need about 2 flutes solid carbide end millplease contact us.

Wish reader have a good day

Writer: Edision

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