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Different Between Flat Face Drill Bit and End Mill

View: 69109/20/2019  

1. How to distinguish the use of the countersunk drill and end mill when facing the hole?

It is true that both flat drills and end mills have flat corners at the top of their shapes.

I don't know if you've ever carefully compared the top of these two tools.

The tip of the flat end of the drill is relatively flat, while the central end of the end mill is slightly recessed.

Therefore, the flat - bottom drill can finish both normal blind hole machining and spot - facing machining.

If the end mill is used there will be a small bump in the middle of the bottom of the hole that is not through.

2. So flat drills are relatively better?

It is not entirely possible to say whose performance is better.

Although the flat drill is similar in shape to the end milling cutter, it is still a bit as a tool and can only be used as a fixed size hole machining. 

Therefore, it is necessary to prepare various sizes of drill bits if you want to process spot machining with different apertures.

And the end milling cutter can be processed through the form of the spiral hole to process different sizes, no need to prepare other tools processing, such as solid carbide face milling cutter.

In addition to the flat bottom, hole processing can be used, so it is more important to determine what kind of processing needs to be completed than the material of the workpiece.

Different Between Flat Face Drill Bit and End Mill

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